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  Shanghai Chun Zu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.   

  Add: 6639 Jihe Road, Baihe Town,
Qingpu District Shanghai, China
  Tel:  86-21-5974 2888 (Operator)   
152, 153, 154, 155, 157  (Local Sales)
  151 (Oversea Sales)
  156, 158, 159, 160 (After Sales Service)   
  Fax: 86-21-5974 2882    Zip : 201709 
  Website: http: //
  E-mail: (Local Sales)   (Oversea Sales) (After Sales Service) 

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    Shanghai Chun Zu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (SHCZ) is a share holding company of Chun Zu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd (TWCZ) in Taiwan and a specialized manufacturer of cold bolt former、nut former、part former、thread roller and tooling etc. for making fasteners and other non - standard metal parts.

    Based on and benefited from the 50 year’s rich experience in fastener manufacture of “Chun Yu Group”, --- a world famous fastener maker in Taiwan and the major share holder of TWCZ, TWCZ has developed independently more than 102 models of 10 categories cold former, thread roller and other fastener making machines in about 40 years business operation. Characterized with high productivity efficiency, longer durability, easy adjustment and maintenance and outstanding cost effectiveness, “Chun Zu” Machinery is well suitable to production of fasteners widely used for civil and industrial applications including automotive, rail way、aviation、construction and electronic etc. industries and become one of the most renewed brands of the cold metal forming machinery in the world. To the end of 2009, TWCZ has manufactured and delivered about 12,600 sets of various cold former, thread roller and other fastener making machinery to hundreds customers worldwide.