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CPR-10L & Below
CPR-12S & Above

CPR Series Flat Dies Thread Roller

1. Phosphoric bronze liners and highhardness alloy steel liners are used for the guide way of the slider to keep a high precision of threading and a longer working life of thread dies.

2. 3 direction (X,Y ,Z) adjustment of stationary die pocket makes the alignment of height and parallelism between stationary and moving die much easier.

3. Blank pushing time can be adjusted by rotating a cam to coincide moving time of rolling die.

4. Rough material in the guide track feeding speed electric control mode can be used arbitrarily adjusted to cater for different sizes and materials products, the best production rate.

5. Blank pusher can be stopped by manual or optional electrical device.

6. Easy to pull out the top outlet and middle section of feeding chute to ensure the coincidence of thread pitch and for trouble–shooting.

7. Thread floating inspector and electronic counter are equipped as an standard device.

8. Inverter for variable output speed, double roller type chip scraper, air brake, fully closed cover and product conveyor can be installed upon customer’s request.