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CDH Series 2 Die 2 Blow Header


1. Fully closed cutting-off mechanism with adjustable cutting off gap ensures a nice and vertical cutting-off across quality;

2.Each punch can be adjusted independently and easily;

3. Pneumatically driven parts transfer finger with high precision allows stable holding force and high speed operation;

4. Simple but easily adjustable K.O. mechanism can ensure a precisely K.O. stroke position;

5. Pneumatically driven clutch and brake allow quick stopping of slide;

6. “OVERARM” type main slider with liners made of high alloy steel allows long and stable precision;

7. “Forward and Backward Inching” makes alignment of machine with tooling much easy;

8. "Auto checker" is equipped as a standard accessory for detecting and displaying of abnormal:

9. Ratchet pawl of feeding mechanism is lifted in return stroke to reduce friction with ratchet and allows lower noise;

10. Main motor is equipped with inverter for easy change and adjustment of output speed.