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CNF/CNP Series Nut & Part Former

1. Equipped with air clutch system allowing operation modes of “Inching”, “Single Stroke” and “Continuous Running”. The main ram always stops at its rear position while the machine is operated under “Single Stroke” and “Continuous Running” modes.

2. Fully closed cutting off die and knife delivery a clear and perfect cross section of blank for forming.

3. The cutting off cam follower is designed at the center of the cut off rod to avoid eccentric force occurred on the cam follower pin and maintain the rigidity and longevity of the machine.

4. With the positive punch knock out cam which is designed by computer for high simplicity and precision, the punch knock out time coincides with the withdraw movement of the main ram to prevent spill-out of the forged parts from forming die before being knock out.

5. The machine main frame and ram etc have been heat treated for releasing the internal stress and normalized after casting to avoid any deformation in long term operation and keep a stable precision.

6. All cams are designed with aid of computer and machined with CNC machine center to achieve smooth movement of the driven parts.

7. The “Over Arm “ design of the main ram installed with harden alloy steel sliding plates can maintain a high and stable precision and rigidity of the main ram for long term operation.

8. A PLC controlled safety checking system can monitor the performance of key system and display and alarm any abnormality.

9. As an optional, Q.T.C. touch tone control system can be equipped which can adjust individually and digitally length of rear knock out thread pipe, cutting length stopper and feeding length and has a memory capacity of 99 digital modules for fast change over of toolings. Besides, a easy lock and loosen die block can also be equipped as an optional accessory.

10. Imported inverter is equipped for easy adjustment of stepless output speed.